Key Adventures delivers a variety of conference support activities ranging from conference icebreakers and energisers to illustrative and engagement challenges designed to stimulate, engage and energise participants thereby aiding absorption, transference and practice of your key conference messages.

Conferences are rare opportunities to communicate key information to delegates. Our conference icebreakers enable delegates to get to know each other, breaking down communication barriers; our energisers stimulate the mental and physical state of participants, raising awareness and alertness, increasing oxygen flow to body and brain, and in turn enhancing the reception and understanding of your key information.

Our current range of conference support services has resulted from twenty years of experience of working with the best and the worst of the industry, learning what works and what to be avoided, and focusing on the needs and desires of our clients.

We offer conference support throughout the UK and Europe on a bespoke basis.

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Our Range of Conference Support Services


Icebreakers and Energisers
Team Building Activities

Bespoke Conference Challenges

Business Consultancy Support

Leisure Activities

Logistical Management

Venue Location and Management



Call 07721 906030 to find out more about our conference support activities.

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